Stories of possibility are changing lives and work environments. Some of our Favorite Possibility Stories:

Christmas Eve

It was Dec 24, 1998. I was in my office finishing the wrapping of the last few Christmas packages and ready to head home and ready myself for our traditional Christmas Eve. The phone rang. I almost did not pick it up. I did not recognize the sobbing voice on the other end but through the tears the story was easy to piece together. About six months earlier I had given a possibility assignment to a woman whose son was in prison. The mother had recently come across a picture that definitely proved her son was not guilty of the crime he was in jail for. So her possibility was to get her son out of jail. Her assignment was to contact her son's attorney and turn the picture over to see what could be done. The mother was calling me to let me know that her son had been released from prison that afternoon and was home for Christmas. While she was thanking me (like I had done something), I broke into the conversation and said, "Christmas is the best time of the year for a mother's love." It was her love and belief in her son that got him home for Christmas.

Family Reunion

The possibility was to reunite with her family after 30 years of separation as an adult. The possibility assignment was to call one family member and ask them if they would accompany her to an upcoming family reunion. She chose her older brother. He answered the phone that night and the tears flowed. The following week end they were visiting together in her home and subsequent weekends each sibling came one by one to share their love. As a group of united brothers and sisters they went in mass to the reunion. What is most fascinating is that no one remembers what the issue was that caused the separation in the family.

Send in the Clowns

A pediatric nurse wanted to share her love for clowns with her patients. So her assignment was to plan a day and go to work as a clown. From her perspective you would have thought the world had ended over the reaction from her colleagues. They did not want her working that day with big feet and an inappropriate uniform. The story unfolded after several weeks when the following letter arrived at the hospital.

Dear Administrator, I want to commend a nurse on the pediatric unit for giving our son Mark the gift of safety and security during his death. Mark was a cancer patient on your pediatric unit. He had a passion for clowns. He had clowns everywhere he went because he said a clown made him laugh when he felt like crying and feel safe when he felt scared.

On March 14th an angel clown by the name of Liz was sent to care for Mark. She was a nurse who knew what it meant to bring her love to work by being a clown. You see on that day our son passed away in the arms of Liz, his clown nurse. I am sure she was an angel sent to carry him to his new home.

I don't know how we can ever thank you for allowing people like Liz to be who they are and create such a special kind of hospital environment. We will forever remember her as Mark's Angel Clown.

Send in the clowns.

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