Learning Experiences

The Spirit of CareGiving, LLC offers a variety of participant-centered, transformational experiences for leadership and team members designed to revitalize the human spirit while improving performance. All of our services and experiences are designed to effectively address and transform key issues that your leadership and staff are dealing with on a day-to-day basis and are geared toward caregiving organizations. We work with you individually to customize the experiences that will meet your needs and desires while offering innovative and sustainable outcomes. Our focus has and will continue to significantly improve employee engagement, reduce turnover and job burnout, and to return passion and compassion into the workplace.

Our programs are transformational in nature. What does that mean? Participants are not only invited into new behaviors, but are guided through experiences that reveal and reshape their patterns of thinking while expanding how they see themselves in the context of life and work. This comprehensive approach combined with our proprietary Circular Learning Process produces unprecedented results that are often pleasantly surprising and sustainable over time.

Our portfolio of learning experiences includes:
  • The Spirit of CareGiving®, a two day interactive learning experience, created for individuals who care for other people.
  • The Intuitive Path, training for new facilitators of The Spirit of CareGiving®.
  • PATHWAY, The Spirit of CareGiving® Facilitator Recertification, designed to aide facilitators in sharpening their facilitation skills with The Spirit of CareGiving®.
  • reTHiNK possibility is designed as a follow up experience for participants who have already attended The Spirit of CareGiving® and have the desire to learn more about possibility achievement.
  • THE LEADERSHIP PATH has a dual purpose. First, as a personal booster for leaders, it gives them more information on possibility achievement. Second, the leaders will discover four powerful basics for sustaining the spirit for their employees and their work units.

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