Individual Outcomes

What are individual participants saying about their experience with The Spirit of CareGiving®?

We continue to be amazed and delighted with the feedback we receive from the participants who have experienced The Spirit of CareGiving®. Following is just a small sampling of the comments we have received from session evaluations:

"I love working where they care about me as a person."

"This was good timing for me. I needed to relax and reclaim me."

"This was a good reminder that possibilities have been pushed aside and life does get in the way. It boosted me to do what I need to do."

"I started out thinking about personally, but ended up thinking about what I do professionally. I transformed it into my work life."

"This was very encouraging and positive. Everyone should hear this once in a while."

"I liked the gentle guidance through the program."

"Was helpful to refocus --- I was off track."

"I liked this. Seems timely with engagement survey results."

"I appreciate the time to refocus. Thank you."

"Reminded me that I do have possibilities in my life!"

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