Expected Results

When you work with us you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in performance and productivity for you and your team. Team members will begin to find more satisfaction in their work, bringing more of their enthusiasm, compassion, and energy into the caregiving events of their day. As a result, you will see a reduction in burnout and turnover and an increase in patient satisfaction scores.

Our experiences, for leadership and team members, are a unique blend of teaching, reflection, and experiential activities that fully engage participants and ensure consistent results. Your staff will quickly realize that The Spirit of CareGiving is not just another "program of the month," but is an experience that opens their mind and heart to a deeper and richer way of living and working - one that is sustainable and brings transformational experiences to themselves, those they work with, and the patients they care for.

What happens to those who do not attend?

Quantitative research was conducted to determine how nursing retention scores differed between attenders of The Spirit of CareGiving vs. non-attenders.

RN's -> 2.2 times more likely to terminate
RN Managers -> 3.1 times more likely to terminate
Nursing Support -> 2.5 times more likely to terminate

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