Who We Are

The Spirit of CareGiving® was founded by Tom Lant in 1995 after an extensive career as an executive nurse leader. In addition to Tom's executive leadership in healthcare, he has been recognized for his work in change management and organization development. Throughout Tom's career he has been passionate about caring and how that caring links to human performance.

Through the development of a new learning model created by Tom, he was experiencing transformational change in individuals and organizations that were engaged in The Spirit of CareGiving®. This new circular learning model was helping caregivers quickly explore caring in different ways that transcended both their personal and professional roles leading to breakthroughs with new possibilities.

Along with their client organizations, The Spirit of CareGiving® has also experienced transformational change. In 2009, Tom was joined by Martha McConnell. Although Martha brought to The Spirit of CareGiving® an extensive healthcare background as a nursing, education and human resource executive, it was her relationship and strategy skills that lead her to partner with Tom and The Spirit of CareGiving®. In 2010, after Tom's retirement, Martha is now at the helm as the strategic leader, visionary, and owner of The Spirit of CareGiving® to continue to meet the needs of caregivers and their organizations.

To date, over 45,000 caregivers have experienced The Spirit of CareGiving®.

Our Mission

The mission of The Spirit of CareGiving® is to help organizations capture employee engagement and improve retention by making it possible for individuals to better understand their relationship between who they are and the work that they love to do.

Belief Statements

We believe each person is worthy of love and respect, and we share the responsibility to safeguard personal dignity.
We believe that those who serve as caregivers reflect a tradition of gentleness and empathy.
We believe in creating a healthy learning environment that respects, embraces, and derives strength from our differences.
We believe that caring is at the core of everything we do.
We believe in possibility.

Lifelong Central Florida resident Martha McConnell has spent her entire professional career in healthcare, as a nurse, educator, leader and as a human resource executive. Her scope of practice is just as varied—acute care, outpatient services, physician practice and corporate administration. In 2009, after thirty years with a tertiary healthcare system, Martha began a new adventure with The Spirit of CareGiving® as the president, owner and visionary of this interactive learning company. She and Jeff live in Central Florida with their two Maltese pups.

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